30498 Lakeshore Boulevard (Shoregate Mall), Willowick, Ohio 44095

Explore Our Beer Selection

From domestic brews like Bud and Miller to local faves from Great Lakes Brewery and Fat Heads Brewery as well as imports, Shoregate Beverage offers a wide variety of beers. Curious about trendy, citrus-flavored beers and ciders? Just ask Hiren for some advice.

And for discriminating beer drinkers who want that fresh-from-the-tap crispness, Shoregate Beverage is expanding its Growler Program. Pay a nominal $5.99 deposit on a 64-ounce growler then come back for a different refill whenever you like. There are 16 kinds of beer on tap that range in price from $12.99 to $16.99 per refill.

Kegs are also available in 1/6 barrel sizes, which is five gallons or about 53 beers. The store also sells a nice variety of non-alcoholic beers, too. No matter how you like to down your brew, the complete selection is available at state minimum pricing.