30498 Lakeshore Boulevard (Shoregate Mall), Willowick, Ohio 44095


From domestic brews like Bud and Miller to local faves from Great Lakes Brewery and Fat Heads Brewery as well as imports, Shoregate Beverage offers a wide variety of beers. Curious about trendy, citrus-flavored beers and ciders? Just ask Hiren for some advice.

Kegs are also available in 1/6 barrel sizes, which is five gallons or about 53 beers. The store also sells a nice variety of non-alcoholic beers, too. No matter how you like to down your brew, the complete selection is available at state minimum pricing.


Within Shoregate Beverage’s new Wine Cellar, hundreds of bottles are stored at precise temperatures and organized for easy selection, from types of wines to various price points. The store features everything from classic wines for everyday consumption to signature vintages any collector might desire for his or her own home cellar.

Whether the point of origin is the United States, Europe, South Africa, South America or elsewhere, there are hundreds of subtle variations that make a wine a wine. From charming Chardonnays to robust Rieslings, bodacious Beaujolais and sumptuous Sauternes, plus a host of sparkling wines and champagnes, each sip reflects a variety of distinctive characteristics.

Hiren's enthusiasm for wine is absolutely infectious. He can describe each wine's nuances and also relate the ideal temperature at which to serve it, in addition to the types of foods it would best complement. You’ll be able to impress your guests while understanding and appreciating the complexity of your wine selection. Trends in the world of wine, such as new blends of grape varietals, are also within his expertise.


From top shelf to well-drink options, Shoregate Beverage has amassed one of the largest selections of liquors in Northeast Ohio. From the clear stuff (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, sake and vermouth) to the darker spirits (bourbon, whiskey, scotch, rye and brandy) liquors come with a vast differential in price tags.

Depending on the ingredient from which it was distilled, such as grains, berries, molasses, corn, potatoes, rice wine or blue agave fruit, each liquor takes on its own personality through the fermentation process. 

As unique as the cocktails they are used to create, many liquors also come in fun flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, orange, pomegranate and more.Hiren has a deft knowledge of when it's advisable to go with a lesser priced product in a mixed drink, and when to use the very best, such as in martinis.Is there some type of liquor you're interested in that you don't see in the endless aisles? No problem, the Patel family says that if it's available in Ohio they can get it for you within a day or two. 

A host of barware accessories round out the offerings at Shoregate Beverage. It's true one-stop shopping for any party or perfectly stocked home bar, whether you’re looking for beer and wine openers, shot glasses, novelty glasses or other gift-worthy items.